Extended reading: Genesis 13

Devotional verses: 11-13

If you’re like me, and I believe you are, you most likely have had a few instances (likely many), in your life in which you were able to meditate on your current situation and wisely come to the conclusion that you are in the mess your in because of the many bad decisions you made along the way.

One bad decision led to another bad decision and ultimately to the bad situation you are facing. Sadly, the consequences of our poor choices not only involve us, but also affect others.

“One bad choice often leads to another. The choices Lot made here and in the following chapters led him toward his later fall. Here, he selfishly chose the best land and the easy lifestyle that would accompany it. In 13:12-13, he chose to move closer to the wicked city of Sodom. In 19:1-18, he chose to become an important man in a wicked place. In 19:30-38, his fall reached its final depths as he had incestuous relations with his daughters. “

In some way I think we can agree that our choices our like domino’s. Line them up, initiate momentum, and walla, they all fall down! One dominos movement effects all the other domino’s after it, just like our choices do.

If we were left to ourselves this truth would be emotionally and mentally taxing. Not to mention the hardships to be endured due to the consequences of our poor choices.

BUT, we are not alone! Our Benevolent heavenly Father has given us His Spirit and  His word, and with them we can receive heavenly guidance that will, when heeded, foster better choices as we navigate the pathways of our temporal lives.

Our Bible is a message from God by the Spirit to mankind. God speaks to us through His word (Hebrews 1:2; Romans 1:2)! His word is a “protector,” as well as our source of godly wisdom and understanding (Psalm 119:97-100).

It is only by the work of Holy Spirit that we are able to learn and understand God’s will (John 14:26). He brings to our remembrance things we have learned while supplying to us the power to obey God (Ezekiel 36:27)!

Through Him we can make choices that will glorify Jesus (John 16:14), because He leads or directs evey detail of our lives and service to our heavenly Father (Romans 8:14; Acts 10:29-20).

Prayer: Gracious and all wise Father, we petition you this day asking for your Spirit to teach us, lead us, and empower us through your holy Word, to make wise and godly choices that best reflect your character and will in all the decisions that we must make. Help us to seek your face first in all things, amen.

Adapted from “Every man’s bible”

One thought on “THE DOMINO AFFECT

  1. GOod post. Often our sins can entangle generations. This should make us think more with an eternal perspective with what choices we make and the legacy we leave behind

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