Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Scripture passage: Ephesians 5:15-21

Devotional verse: Verse 17

17 “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

I have recently relocated to another state and have been actively searching out a new church home for my family. I am saddened to report that the search, so far, has been disheartening. We have met many friendly people within the churches we have visited but have not found a doctrinally “sound” church in which we can plant our feet, worship, and serve our Lord. Perhaps, you’ve been there OR are in the same boat that we are. DON’T give up, Don’t lose heart!

We all have some “criteria “we are looking for in a new church. Some are more important than others. So, how do we determine which criteria matter and which do not matter as much? The music style may not be the best, or the overall model of ministry may be different than we are used to. What about the theology being taught?

The Bible is clear on this. For us to “understand the will of the Lord,” in our worship service each Sunday, there has to be a compatible theological union between the prospective new church and ourselves. “Otherwise, you’ve already set the trajectory for an unhappy ending.”

Relationships can blossom quickly, and we can adjust to a different worship style. Still, God’s will for us is to understand rightly who He is (His character and nature) and then live out our faith in a manner worthy of Him (Colossians 1:10).

I found this encouragement in my reading lately: “instead of looking for a church that fits our criteria, let’s join and serve churches that look like Jesus” (adapted slightly). I would add, “and hold a biblical theology of The Godhead.”

Prayer: Father, in our quest to find a place of worship that honors you and your word, help us to focus on your criteria above our own. And, bless us with a church family in which we can live out our faith and serve one another in unity and peace. Amen.


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