Extended reading: 2 Peter 1:3-11

Devotional reading: v. 3

This past summer, we have been remodeling our new home, no small task. I have had to rely on the inexperienced help of my son and nephew to accomplish much of the needed work. Some of the assigned jobs went well; others did not. In those rare cases, I was taken aback in stupefied wonder that the results of their efforts came NOWHERE close to what was anticipated!

But why? They had the necessary tools. They observed me doing the task before them several times. They had been around me almost more than any other person in our circle of influence. So why the problem?

They felt pressure (real or not) to succeed, to “get it right.” Afraid of coming back to me with questions and clarification so they could succeed, they felt like they had to accomplish it independently, concerned they might upset me by not doing the task correctly.

Our walk of faith in Christ is not supposed to be that way. We are NOT left to ourselves to figure things out.

“Christianity is not a mere matter of imitating Christ’s example (a major theme of Peter’s first letter); it’s also a matter of knowing Him better and better. We are not on our own to live up to the high standards God has put before us. The better we know Him, the more of that divine power we have.In fact, Peter tells us, Christ has given us everything we need to live a godly life.”

PRAYER: Father, as earthly fathers, we are not perfect as you are; not as gentle or patient as we ought to be to those around us. But like You, we are to be growing in holiness and manifesting the Fruit of Your Spirit in our lives. We pray for thy Spirit to help us be more like you in the way we devise and handle our expectations of others, so they won’t feel like they have to “do it alone.” Amen.

Partly adapted from the Travelers Devotional Bible

3 thoughts on “GROWING IN FAITH

  1. Amen, Larry! Nathan and I empathize with you and will be praying for y’all! We did the home remodeling experience as well and that is truly no easy feat!!!!! Praise God His New Heavens and New Earth will be perfect not needing our help in any way, shape or form. Thank you for sharing this!!!!

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