Once I was a tadpole grubbing in the mire,

Till I became ambitious and started to aspire,

I rubbed my tail so hard against a sunken log,

It disappeared completely and I found myself a frog.

I struggled from my puddle and jumped upon dry land,

And the feeling that was in me, was glorious and grand;

It made me kind o’ frisky, so I hopped around a tree

Till I landed in the branches as happy as could be.

And there I spent some aeons, evolutions without fail,

Till I became a monkey and grew another tail;

But still I had ambitions, as the aeons quickly sped,

I climbed down from the tree and walked the earth instead.

My tail got tired with trailing on the hard earth every day,

And twice within my “process” that appendage passed away;

Once again I evolutions, and believe it, if you can,

I awoke one summer morning and found myself – a man!

Now, you tadpoles, in the mire just think what you may be,

If you’ll only in your puddles, start to climb the family tree;

I’m the genus homo, “finished” for all the world to see,

For when I told my story I was given a D.D.

Author unknown

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