I am often confused or just outright irritated at the messages that I see on church signs , whether I see them as I’m driving or on pictures that I see online. Have you taken notice to how ridiculous and even blasphemous some of them are? I guess I should title this post ”Venting,” because that’s what I am doing.

Below I am simply going to post a few pictures of some I have found. What are your thoughts?

It is my personal opinion that church signs DO NOT help us draw people into the church, many most likely turn away people because of their foolishness and oftentimes irreverent tones. Why aren’t local churches using their signs to show the community that they are different because of Christ, rather than trying to be cute and loose with religious slogans?

Ok, ok, I am finished venting, LOL. I know that there are good and proper uses for church signs, I just wished more churches would understand that and use them accordingly. Below are a few I have found that trouble me as a believer. I am interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Some of these are silly, but some go way beyond what is proper.

OH, how I wish we could find a more appropriate use for our church signs!

6 thoughts on “CHURCH SIGNS

  1. Hey, Brother Larry, speaking of signs/slogans, I’ve been lost, but now I’m found! I think you must have changed your email address–the one about Spurgeon–it doesn’t seem to work anymore, or is it me. I have lots more poems if you want any more. Bill and I are still here in East Cameron Twp. doing ok (Bill) and mostly good (Connie) In case you and Marcy don’t know, Haley is due to have a baby girl any day. How are you all? Love you, Connie


  2. There was a sign on the one Methodist church near where I live last year that said something to the effect that even mosquitoes know the power of Christ’s blood in the believer. I wish I would have taken a picture of that. It was so preposterous and ridiculous like the rest of these that in some ways I wanted to pretend I never saw it. I agree church signs help more than they hurt. Vent on brother!

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