Watch “My take on the last T4G conference” on YouTube

4 thoughts on “Watch “My take on the last T4G conference” on YouTube

    1. I agree. I personally believe that, to some degree, is part of the ending of it. But, the encouragement in the conference is that not everyone is falling for. Listen to the panel on it with Kevin Deyoung, he gets it. But I believe that Al mohler has given in to it at the seminary from what I have been reading.

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      1. The other person taking the other view opposite of Kevin Deyoung is someone we once had a guest speaker at our church many years ago; I was a newly graduate from high school and he was our guest speaker, in my first retreat. Never would have thought he would go woke but the signs began to show when I was in seminary and he was a guest speaker with a strange sermon..

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      2. Wow. I did get that sense from him although he made the statement something to the effect that critical race theory does not share his hamartiology.
        But, to the statement where he thought it is helpful to build categories that do need to be discussed, or something like that was definitely falli ng into it since those categories are already defined.


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