Extended reading: Job 2

Devotional reading: Job 2:9-10

There are many things in this life that can place us in a time of desperation. It is one thing to lose some comforts that this life affords; a job, convenience, or health, but quite another to lose the support of a spouse. In times of our greatest struggles we need our spouses, we need their support, counsel, and presence. We need their “vote of confidence” when everyone else has none. We need their hugs of assurance when everyone else may be cold toward us. We need to feel their presence when no one else is there.

We do not know much about Job’s wife, but what we read in these verses is very telling and extremely heartbreaking. She appears to be a very bitter woman and unable to share in his pain. She seems to have turned away from faith, and the result: a cold callous heart. They needed each other, perhaps now more than ever, but we read that they are separated, isolated in their emotional anguish and Job’s physical pain.

“In all fairness to Job’s wife, her agony was unfathomable, and she undoubtedly spoke out of sheer pain and frustration. After all, she had suffered the same losses as Job. All of her children died in what seemed like a freak accident, and the wealth that Job and his family enjoyed vanished in an instant.” Even so, her agony doesn’t excuse her harsh words.

I wish that scripture recorded Job’s wife relenting and coming by his side, but it doesn’t. The mutual love and encouragement shared would have helped them both during this time of great loss. 

We need to be present for our spouses. Physically, emotionally, and mentally there for them, especially when things get rough. Our tendency is to isolate ourselves when we need to open our hearts with our loved ones. Our tendency is to “act” like we’re ok when we are falling apart. Let’s learn from Job and his wife and resolve to love one another and care for one another while praying with each other as we face the storms of this life together.

Adapted from Every mans Bible


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