Extended reading: 2 Timothy 2:1-13 Devotional reading: Verse 8 “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel.” Forgetfulness is a present reality for all of us. The level at which each of us forget is as broad as it is high, but as humans in a sin-fallen world, we … Continue reading MEMORY FAILURE


Mark 6:1-6 BRIEF INTRO: Ever heard the expression: “Familiarity breeds contempt.” That phrase’s meaning is plain: The more extensive knowledge or association that we have of someone or something typically leads to a loss of respect for them. That is what we witness in our following study. Jesus was simply “to familiar” to those in … Continue reading TO FAMILIAR

It’s just a nickname

Spurgeon quote on Calvinism “My friends, I do not believe it is preaching Christ and him crucified, to give people a batch of philosophy every Sunday morning and evening, and neglect the truths of this Holy Book. I do not believe it is preaching Christ and him crucified, to leave out the main cardinal doctrines … Continue reading It’s just a nickname


Mark 5: 21-43 BRIEF INTRO: We have noticed beginning in chapter four (4:1) that Jesus was teaching by the sea. After He finished His teaching using parables, He wanted to cross over the sea to go to the other side, into the region of the Gerasenes (4:35; 5:1). There He was met by a man … Continue reading ONLY BELIEVE


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