Brief biography

This is the moment that I get to introduce myself to you. My name is Larry Stump. I am a husband of 30 years to my wife Marcy! A father to five wonderful children, three of which are now out on their own; two are married. A foster parent of sorts to our nephew, an ukulele player, I worship and serve as an elder at Hope Community Church www.hopeccpa.com in Pennsylvania. I am a lay pastor, serving in pulpit supply and interim pastoring in churches in our local area as needed, and now a blogger!

Why 7 ways from Sunday?

I have begun this adventure in blogging because it is an amazing platform in which I can become more focused in ministry: in spreading the fundamental, life changing and equipping truths of the Bible with as many people as the Lord sees fit to lead to this blog site.

So, with that said, please bear with me as this is a “work in progress.” I will be adding many things to this page overtime, so I encourage you to keep checking in each week to read the newest blog posts and watch how this evolves into what the Lord wants it to be.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you would like to encourage me, give “constructive” criticism, ask questions about a blog I posted or just begin a personal dialogue, you can do that here: Larry@7waysfromsunday.com

Why the name 7 days from Sunday?

Well, for that answer, you will have to read my first blog post


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